TiM — Timed control map Maker

A simple tool for preparing timed control maps from SVG/XML files exported from OCAD. The tool creates SVG files with cover sheets, competition and solution maps, optionally converting them to other graphic formats and printing. TiM can also prepare maps for using directly on tablets with the ANT application.

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OCAD versions supported:

Of course, you don't need a full map making version of OCAD, you can use any map (OOmapper tested) as a backgroung for the Course Setting version of OCAD 12, which is much cheaper and supports the SVG exports...

Environment preparation:

TiM in version 4 is a Windows program, you can simply download it and run it. In TiM, you choose the File / New menu item and select your directory with OCAD exports. TiM tries to prepare a configuration file with parameters for you and you need just to tune them a bit (if you want) and add some more information (like contour interval, event title, logo etc.) in TiM's GUI.

If you want TiM to make not only SVG maps, but also PDF, PNG, PS or EPS, you will need a software for it. I use Inkscape even though it (like many other programs) sometimes has problems with some types of raster map symbols (marsh, undergrowth, semiopen...). This software must be also installed and you will have to configure path to the executable (using the System.WINPATH option).

Event preparation:

In principle, you have two ways to prepare courses, either in TASK mode (one course per one task), or in STAT mode (one course per station). The former mode needs more courses and more exported maps from OCAD, while for the latter one, you must export not only the maps but also an XML file with courses. In the STAT mode you can calculate the rotation angles by yourselves, or (with some more preparation in OCAD) you can let TiM to rotate maps by himself. For solution maps preparation, you must use the STAT mode.

Steps to prepare an event:
Step TASK mode STAT mode
Configured angles Automatic rotation Solution maps
1 Check the View mode of the background map (save the map as "Normal").
2 Create a course map with controls (you can also cut the control circles if you want) and control descriptions.
Using a file name with only ASCII characters (no national alphabet characters) is recommended.
N/A Also add a single start symbol (same for all stations) and place it next to the control clusters.
3 Make a single course for each task, name them properly (e.g. s1.t1 or c11 for 1/1) and assign each task to its proper course. Make a single course for each station, name them properly (e.g. s1) and assign the start symbol and all tasks in correct order to each course.
Using course name template with only ASCII characters (no national alphabet characters) is recommended.
4 N/A N/A Create OCAD symbols for the decision point ("chair"), correct flag, false flag and zero position. Correct flag means a flag correct for at least one task at the station, however, if you prefer not to distinguish between correct and false flags in the solution map, you can use just one type of symbol. All these symbols must be of the Course setting symbol/Control type. Use symbol major numbers (before the dot) higher than 20 since the lower numbers are reserved for control description symbols. You can use sample OCAD file and copy'n'paste (and modify if you want) the symbols.
Place all the symbols to proper position in the map and assign them to the particular course (behind the real controls!).
5 N/A N/A N/A Optional step; if you want the flag letters in the solution maps:
Create OCAD symbols for flag position letter tags ("A" to "F") and follow the instructions in step 4.
6 N/A N/A N/A For each station, go to the Preview mode, move the numbers for "faked" controls (chair, flags, letters) somewhere aside and then place real task numbers properly.
7 Add a control description placeholder somewhere close to the clusters in the map (don't worry about covering clusters - TiM will remove the control descriptions). Check that the area you will export contains all lines with control descriptions of real tasks!
8 Export all course maps to SVG files. Use menu File->Export, select SVG format, check Partial map and mark a region that covers both the stations and the control description field, uncheck Compress file and then choose all courses (e.g. using the button Select all - do not use <All controls>).
9 N/A Export the course list into an XML file — menu Course->Export->Courses (XML, IOF Version 2.0.3 or 3.0).
10 Measure the angles toward the Alpha flag and the rightmost flag. N/A N/A

Warning! Do not use layouts in OCAD. OCAD cannot generate SVG output in this case.

Input samples:

Output samples:

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Jul 2019FIN Fin5 Trail (WRE) - long/TC + TempO, Sami Hyvönen
Jun 2019POR WTOC - long/TC + Relay + TempO, Nuno Pires
Jun 2019POR PIOM (ECTO/WRE) - long/TC + TempO, Inês Domingues
Mar 2019CZE Mrazivé TempO Prague, Pavel Kurfürst
Mar 2019POR TempO NAOM Castelo Vide, Luis Gonçalves
Feb 2019SVK Slovak Nomination #3+#4 - long/TC + TempO, Ján Furucz
Feb 2019ESP Madrid Trail-o Cup - TempO, Hector Lorenzo
Feb 2019ESP Spanish Championship - long/TC, Joao P. Valente
Oct 2018ESP Iberian Championship - long/TC, Joao P. Valente
Oct 2018CZE ECTO #9+#10 - long/TC + TempO Prague, Pavel Kurfürst
Jul 2018ITA ECTO #5+#6 - long/TC + TempO Friuli, Remo Madella
Jun 2018CRO CRO-HUN-ITA-SLO League - Varaždin TempO, Jasminka Cindrić Perković
Apr/May 2018SVK ETOC - long/TC + Relay + TempO, Ján Furucz
Apr 2018ITA Italian Championship - TempO, Renato Bettin
Mar 2018ITA Italian Cup - TempO Monza, Remo Madella
Mar 2018CZE Czech Cup - TempO Malešice, Jana Kosťová
Nov 2017CZE Czech Cup - TempO Mělník, Miroslav Šimek
Oct 2017SVK ECTO #9+#10, Ján Furucz
Sep 2017NOR Norwegian TempO Championship, Martin Jullum


Ján Furucz, 21. 8. 2017
I have to compliment Libor Forst and his automatic TrailO tool for creating sheets for time controls or tempo controls from OCAD source. 4 competitions, 2 categories, 2 stations and 3 or 4 tasks = 72 sheets about 20 minutes is miracle. Just print and laminate ... Many thanks
Remo Madella, 21. 11. 2017
Finally I had the chance to learn how to use ANT and TiM and I can say they are awesome!
Libor you are a genius!
TempO organizers... please use TiM, you will save countless hours and a lot of mistakes.
This is some light in the darkness of TrailO
Jasminka Cindrić Perković, 31. 5. 2018
I'm really happy and satisfied with TIM. Saving time and making it easier to create almost 50 minimaps for TempO, it also allows me to incorporate map corrections in the last moment. And the saved time I can spend on other organizational stuff :P
I have almost no comment on producing maps. That part is awesome :)
It helped me a great deal.
Luis Gonçalves, 2. 4. 2019
This tool is a huge step ahead for TrailO...
Fully customizable, easy to understand and easy to use. Previously timed controls meant some hours of painful and risky work. Now in 15 minutes we are able to do all the work (cut, rotation, north arrows, numbering, control description) and if we miss something with 3 or 4 "clicks" everything is fixed.


Current version is 4.1.8(3).
Previous builds: 4.1.8(2), 4.1.8(1), 4.1.8(0), 4.1.7(1), 4.1.7(0), 4.1.6(0), 4.1.5(6), 4.1.4(2), 4.1.3(3), 4.1.2(9),

Release changes: